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Thanks to our veterans and local community for helping us be able to grow and donate close to 725lbs of food in 2022. Donated or sold cheaply to families dealing with covid and health issues. We are able to continue our mission in 2023, see you at the field ! 

2019-800lbs donated/ assisted 10 veterans get service connections 

2020-1200 lbs donated/assisted 26 veterans get service connections. 

2021- 850lbs donated/ assisted 76 veterans in getting service connections 

2022-725lbs donated/ assisted 108 veterans get service connections/ 1 vet get 24 months back on GI bill

Helping Veterans Thrive and build their life 

Fire For Effect Farms located in Southold, Long Island (NY).The Farm is worked on by veterans who have been wounded in combat both physically or emotionally. We work together with our families and  neighbors. We want to get our former warfighters the benefits they deserve which can be challenging and unfair to our former service members. Here we teach them hands on skills for life by former service members from all eras who have been in the same boots. As well as other community mentors so these veterans can be successful as possible.

About Our Owner

Timothy Curry is an infantryman and Afghanistan veteran, born and raised on Eastern Long Islands North Fork. Upon returning home from active duty, suddenly  losing his father, also not being around the camaraderie in the military 24/7, he felt alone and learned first hand many of the overwhelming difficulties veterans face. It is no easy task dealing with aches and injuries while adjusting from a high stress or combat enviorment.  Tim began gardening and yard work as an outlet and a way to build his body back, mentally and physically. which turned into helping others overcome many of the same situations he had been through. Fire For Effect Farms is named after a friend of his who was killed in a motorcycle crash after their time with 1st battalion 26th Infantry(Blue Spaders) together. Rogger was a forward observer (fister) his job was calling in mortars, artillery and controlling fire from air assets. 

        There are many holes veterans need to go through to get help. Tim was tired of seeing veteran suicide rising, healthcare getting worse and more problems than results. It is his goal for Fire For Effect Farms to become a force among veterans, military and local communities. A spot everyone feels safe and a part of our family. Fire For Effect Farms believes positive mental health comes from an all around healthy lifestyle and begins with proper diet with farm fresh ingredients in a positive environment for personal growth.          

If you are a veteran struggling mentally please reach out to the VA hotline at        1-800-273-8255. Fire For Effect Farms is not affiliated with the VA in anyway.


Mission Statement

Our goal is to heal veterans by helping them re-adjust into a more comfortable community and by providing them with various outlets, so they don’t have to carry their burden alone. We also intend to help veterans reintegrate into society by helping them gain careers with livable salaries. The main thing is we don’t want anyone to feel alone, we are here. 

Store Coming Soon we are still working and growing 

Veterans, Community, Together

Fire For Effect Farms

Phone: 631-513-0161


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